Discovering Tennessee is a lot like looking up at the night sky. With little light pollution, you can see an impressive blanket of stars — but the more you look, the more stars appear. Soon you get a full view of the heavens above; a starry sky that’s brilliant, dazzling, and beautiful. When you are looking for hidden gems, the Volunteer State just keeps showing off with more and more incredible places. The deeper you search, the more hidden gems you can reveal. That is what it was like to discover this natural bridge in Waynesboro, Tennessee. 

This natural bridge in Waynesboro, Tennessee, certainly qualifies as a hidden gem. The rock formations are awe-inspiring and not only will you see one arch but two. This formation is known as a double span natural bridge and it is the only one of its kind in the whole world. Talk about unique! For more information please make sure you visit the Tennessee Fitness Spa website, stay a week or come to see the natural bridge. 


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