Few People Know About This Rare Ecosystem Only Found In Tennessee

When we think about natural wonders in Tennessee, there are a few obvious places that may come to mind. The Great Smoky Mountains are filled with amazing natural features that have inspired countless visitors. Others may have think of Ruby Falls — which is the country’s biggest underground free-falling waterfall — as the standout natural wonder in Tennessee. The Cedars of Lebanon State Park, too, holds within it a natural wonder in Tennessee: a rare ecosystem not found anywhere else. 

The Cedars of Lebanon in Lebanon, Tennessee, is a certain unique park that can only be completely appreciated when you slow down and see the interesting plant life around you. Sometimes the smallest of things can capture our attention and marvel at just how beautiful our world really is. For more information please visit the Cedars of Lebanon State Park website.   

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Address: Cedars of Lebanon State Park, 328 Cedar Forest Rd, Lebanon, TN 37090, USA