Tennessee’s Niagara Falls, Burgess Falls, Is Too Beautiful For Words

There’s something so magical about a waterfall when you’re hiking through Tennessee as if you’ve wandered across a hidden gem or a magical grotto. Burgess Falls State Park is located in Baxter, Tennessee, a solid 90-minute drive from Nashville, and boasts one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state. Yes, you guessed it: Burgess Falls. Located on Falling Water River, it’s best known for its massive water volume and the four waterfalls that cascade from the crest of the falls to the gorge below.

It’s beautiful, don’t you think? There’s really something incredible about a massive waterfall, and Burgess Falls has that “it” factor. You can learn more about planning your own trip with a visit here or here. Happy hiking!

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Address: Burgess Falls, Tennessee 38544, USA