This Train In Southern California Is Actually A Restaurant And You Need To Visit

A trip to Southern California wouldn’t be complete without stopping for a hot dog or hamburger at Carneys Express. Since 1975, this SoCal restaurant has been a familiar landmark along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Set inside an old Pacific Railroad passenger train, it’s impossible to miss Carneys Express as you drive down Sunset Boulevard.

Here’s a sneak peak at this local gem that everyone should experience at least once. Why? Because dining inside a vintage train car is most certainly on your bucket list. And if it’s not, it should be!

If you want to check out Carneys for a bite of comfort food inside a vintage train car, then head to 8351 W. Sunset Boulevard. If comfort food is on your mind and you want to know where else you can devour a hearty meal with lots of calories, check out my article featuring 9 Mom and Pop Restaurants In Southern California That Serve Home Cooked Meals To Die For. They may not be tucked inside a train car, but they’re still worth a visit. Enjoy!