Head To The Hills Of Southern California to Visit Musso & Frank Grill, A Charming, Old-Fashioned Restaurant

Southern California is always buzzing with the newest restaurant trends, but sometimes you want to go back in time and enjoy some of the beautiful history of our lovely region. That’s when you should go through the Hollywood Hills to visit Musso & Frank Grill for some old-fashioned charm. It’s the oldest restaurant in Hollywood!

While there are many great restaurants in Southern California, this one is something really special. This culinary destination is a Los Angeles classic for many reasons, from its menu to its decor. Locals keep coming back because the experience is incredible and the history is unmatched. What is your favorite part of eating here?

Check out Musso & Frank Grill’s website and Musso & Frank Grill’s Facebook page. 

Address: 6667 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA