10 Phrases That Will Make Southern Californians Seem To Have Their Own Language

If you live in SoCal, you may think that California is the only state that doesn’t have its own unique phrases, words, or even an accent. Because we don’t have an accent, right!? But leave it to the rest of the country to point out that some of the phrases we use are completely foreign to other parts of the USA. Take a look to see some of the things we say that completely baffle people from outside of the state but sound completely normal to us.

If you’re looking for a few of the most interesting things people say in SoCal, then we have 10 phrases that will make you swear the southern half of the state boasts its own language. Curious to find out for yourself? Learn more below! You just might find yourself laughing at the truth of it all.

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How’s that for a comprehensive list of unique SoCal phrases? If you’ve lived here long enough, you most likely have used many of these phrases and words on many occasions. Were there any surprises that you were shocked to see? Or, if there is anything we left out, please make a note in the comments as we’d love to add a few more to the list.

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July 10, 2020

What are the best little-known attractions in SoCal?

Although SoCal is perhaps best known for its desert region, the sweeping scope of the coastline and lakes that dot its higher elevations, there are all sorts of little-known attractions in the lower half of the state. Make your way to UC Riverside to experience a day at the Botanic Gardens, or maybe rent the Magical Frogtown Cabin in Echo Park. Locals love the Redwood Grove found in Carbon Canyon Regional Park, and the hidden cactus sanctuary found in Los Angeles. There’s even a secret garden loft tucked away in Central LA!

What are the most unique towns in SoCal?

Pioneertown is perhaps one of the most interesting small towns in SoCal, with the tiny town of Los Olivos and its charming expanse alongside the oceanfront Carpinteria following close behind. Wrightwood will give you great views of the mountains and is located just an hour outside of Los Angeles, and Crestline is another mountain town with a whole lot of character.

What are the local favorite restaurants in SoCal?

El Coyote is a must-try if you’re ever in Los Angeles proper, and The Hobbit Restaurant in Orange looks like it’s been torn straight out of a movie. Shenandoah Restaurant offers a magical outdoor experience in Los Alamitos, and locals love Tio’s Tacos, one of the quirkiest eateries on the south side of the state with delicious Mexican fare on the menu. The ivy-encrusted Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara is a locally lauded favorite as well, one that’s perfect for tourists and residents alike.

Address: Southern California, CA, USA