7 Boardwalks In Southern California That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

Taking a nice leisurely stroll down an oceanfront boardwalk in Southern California is the kind of activity that’s perfect for a summer day. Whether you enjoy people watching, window shopping, biking, or walking, there’s something for everyone to enjoy along these scenic boardwalks. Here are 7 of my favorite boardwalks in SoCal that will add some fun to your weekend. Make sure to stop for an ice cream or frozen treat along the way at one of the many local shops as you enjoy the oceanfront view on a hot summer day.

What a fun summer activity! Have you had a chance to experience all of these boardwalks in Southern California? Any favorites that I missed? If you enjoy leisurely strolls along the oceanfront, you might also like this list of 9 Waterfront Spots To Experience In Southern California. There’s so much to see and do in SoCal. What a wonderful playground!