This Tour Through An Old Gold Mine In South Dakota Will Take You Back In Time

In the late 1800s, there was a brief gold rush in the Black Hills of South Dakota. As soon as someone found even the hint of gold somewhere, entire towns popped up and mines were constructed to hunt the shiny element. Most of the time they came up short and abandoned the mines and towns as quickly as they founded them. But there were, on occasion, mines that successfully ran for a while longer and are still standing today.

The Broken Boot Gold Mine is one that remains today and allows you to head into the dark mine shafts to experience what it was like to be an actual gold miner there over a century ago. You can walk in their footsteps and follow the tracks of the ore carts right here, right now:

The Broken Boot Gold Mine is located at Upper Main Street, Deadwood, South Dakota. Tours are only $5 for an adult and $3 for children, so if you haven’t been to this place when you’ve visited Deadwood, definitely check it out next time. It is a fascinating, easy way to catch a glimpse into the history of our state’s gold rush.

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