When And Where To Expect South Dakota’s Fall Foliage To Peak This Year

Have you ever driven around South Dakota during the fall? It’s magical, isn’t it? While the trees and lush landscape are always beautiful, it manages to become even more stunning in the fall, as everything turns a stunning shade of orange, red, yellow, or brown. Are you ready to take in all of the beauty that this time of year has to offer? Then you will want to check out when and where to expect South Dakota’s best fall foliage (and peak times):

All of these in-depth predictions and graphics come to us from Smokymountains.com, which releases these reports annually and comes to their predictions via such factors as elevation, current temperatures, historical precipitation, and temperature forecasts. To learn more, be sure to visit their website! Now that you know the best times to view the foliage, you will want to Take This Gorgeous Fall Foliage Road Trip To See South Dakota Like Never Before.

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