This Creepy Ghost Town In South Dakota Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Ghost towns provide so much insight into South Dakota’s history, and the tiny town of Capa – a ghost town in South Dakota – is no exception. All but abandoned, this ghost town can only be reached via a gravel road… and you’ll travel nine miles from Midland to get there. Once you find it, you’ll be glad you ventured out. It’s a very photogenic little spot, albeit, a little bit creepy. Listen to the wind whistling between the withered boards of the abandoned buildings, and you’re likely to have chills up and down your spine!


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Address: Capa, SD 57552, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Ghost Town In South Dakota

January 29, 2021

What are the creepiest places in South Dakota?

If you’re feeling brave and want to explore more creepy places in South Dakota, here are a few of the spookiest of them all: Sica Hollow State Park is notorious for its creepy characteristics. Along with plenty of urban legends and lore (and potential Big Foot sightings, apparently), there are alleged kidnappings and murders of hikers in the 1970s. You can stop by and enjoy the lovely trails if you’re not too on edge. The Trail of the Spirits is said to be eerily quiet and quite unnerving. Some visitors even report hearing whispers or the sound of drums while hiking it. Spooky!

Can I visit any abandoned places in South Dakota?

South Dakota has a handful of ghost towns and other abandoned spots you can visit for yourself. There is even a ghost town you can hike to. Spokane, South Dakota has long since been abandoned. It was a mining town that went the way of many similar towns back in the day, already nearly abandoned in 1940. You can visit the abandoned remains of the town by taking a 1-mile hike along a Forest Service Trail near East Custer, South Dakota. Learn more about this unique trail by clicking here.

What are the most haunted places in South Dakota?

South Dakota is full of ghost stories. Some of the most notoriously haunted places in the state are hotels with permanent eternal guests. The Bullock Hotel in Deadwood is one of those places. The hallways on the second and third floors are supposed to be full of ghosts, and the hotel’s website even openly admits it. Would you be brave enough to stay in a hotel with ghosts roaming the halls? Another haunted hotel in South Dakota is Hotel Alex Johnson, located in Rapid City. There are multiple ghosts that supposedly linger here, including Alex Johnson himself.

Address: Capa, SD 57552, USA