20 Undeniable Reasons To Fall In Love With South Dakota

Despite our crazy winters and unpredictable weather, South Dakota is the shining star of the midwest. In fact, “Great faces, great places” is so much more than a state slogan, as it rings true of the people and pride of those who are lucky enough to call this state home. All of this being said, here are 20 reasons why South Dakota is the best state in the country:

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Why South Dakota Is The Best State

May 27, 2019

Is South Dakota a good place to live? Not only is South Dakota a good place to live, it is the BEST place to live! Why? We just gave you 20 stellar reasons, but if you need more we will say that South Dakota is not only small, but safe; that not having to pay income taxes will leave you with a lot of spare change; AND there are ample jobs, great schools, and even perfect places to retire in all corners of SoDak. Can you see now why we have so much South Dakota pride?!

Is South Dakota or North Dakota better? NoDak, for sure… Ha, sorry! I couldn’t even keep a straight face when typing that! While our neighbors to the north may think they are superior, we in fact are, as there is a lot more to see and do here, the cost of living is still lower, and – believe it or not – it is actually a bit warmer here in the south than it is in North Dakota. While North Dakota likes to argue that they have oil and therefore plenty of jobs, South Dakota is still not hurting on the employment front, with a current unemployment rate of only 2.8%.

What are the best cities to live in South Dakota? If you crave the hustle and bustle of the city, you are going to go crazy for beautiful Sioux Falls and all of its restaurants, attractions, shopping, outdoor recreation, and shows. Do you want to live somewhere that is the epitome of SoDak? You cannot go wrong with the Rapid City area, which is close to not only Mount Rushmore, but Crazy Horse, Reptile Gardens, Deadwood, and more. Are you either nearing retirement or just want a safe and quiet place to raise your family? There are plenty of smaller South Dakota towns that you may like, including Aberdeen, Hot Springs, or Yankton.