The Spooky Small Town Of Lone Star In South Carolina Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

A good many of South Carolina’s bonafide “ghost towns” are actually underwater. Not from a hurricane or some other disaster, but on purpose as unlucky towns and communities in the way of progress were flooded when rivers were dammed up in various places in the Palmetto State. But there are some places on the map that have withered away to nothing all on their own without being flooded in the name of progress. The dried-up town of Lone Star could be right out of a horror movie, and may just be a top contender for the scariest town in South Carolina. You may need to be the judge…

Have you been to Lone Star, or to the group of buildings in Santee that came from this small community in South Carolina? We’d love to know if you think this is the scariest town in South Carolina in our comments. Share your experiences with us and your fellow South Carolinians!

Address: Lone Star, SC 29030, USA

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Scariest Town In South Carolina

January 25, 2020

What is the most haunted place in South Carolina?

If you’re brave enough to trek through places like Lone Star mentioned above, then you’d likely be interested in some other haunted places in South Carolina. In the South, because there is so much history, there are quite a few haunted spots that deserve to be explored properly. But if you’re looking for one of the most haunted adventures in SC, then we recommend visiting Poinsett Bridge. Constructed decades ago, many visitors to this bridge found paranormal activity from floating orbs to frightening sounds and more. Take a look at the hauntings of Poinsett Bridge for more information.

Where can I go ghost hunting in South Carolina?

Maybe you don’t want to visit any haunted places alone and choose to have a guide take you on a tour—don’t worry, this is a great place to start. There are plenty of opportunities for ghost hunting in South Carolina that are tour-guide-led, which means you’ll have a professional taking you through what you might see during your adventure. For those feeling extremely brave, we recommend taking this ghost hunt through a former South Carolina jail.

What are the best small towns in South Carolina?

If you aren’t in the mood to explore any of the creepy places to visit in South Carolina, then we recommend just sticking to the beautiful small towns. South Carolina has some stunning small towns that are perfect for a weekend away. A few of those towns that are worth mentioning include Beaufort, Clemson, Bluffton, Fort Mill, Georgetown, Folly Beach, and Isle of Palms to name a few.

Address: Lone Star, SC 29030, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.