12 Amazing Places In South Carolina That Are A Photo-Taking Paradise

How can I write this article in a way that does South Carolina justice? There’s no way I could get away with just saying that the ENTIRE state is a total photo-taking paradise and just call it a day (even though I wouldn’t be lying.) No, that just won’t do and doesn’t make for a very good article. So instead of that, here are 12 amazing places in South Carolina that will make you wish you owned your own darkroom!

It’s so difficult to pick and choose with a topic like this one, but I think I got the cream of the crop here. Every photographer is going to have their special place and I can tell you that there are a lot of places that are well kept secret, but these 12 places will give you hours of wonderful photography. Do you have a special place that you feel is a photographer’s paradise? Do you want to share it with us? If so, please do in the comments below.

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