Murphy Village, A Gypsy Camp In South Carolina, Is Home To The Largest Population Of Irish Travellers In The Country

Most people are surprised to learn a band of Irish Travellers has called South Carolina home since the 1940s. Also known as “gypsies,” which is a bit outdated and skirts a political incorrectness rife with uneasiness, the Irish Travellers that live outside of the city of North Augusta in South Carolina are the largest community in the nation. The population is said to currently be approaching 3,000 people. But the group is an extremely closed-knit society and few people from the outside fully penetrate this culturally different community. Here’s what we know to be true of the Irish Travellers in South Carolina today:

South Carolina’s Murphy Village is the single largest village of its kind for Irish Travellers in America. Other villages are found in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas. Over the decades since Murphy Village came into existence, the village has made headlines for a number of reasons. Have you heard of Murphy Village or the Irish Travellers that live here before now?

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Address: North Augusta, SC, USA