Watch In Awe As Millions Of Monarch Butterflies Invade South Carolina Later This Spring

In a world of uncertainties, one thing we can always count on in the Palmetto State is the annual Monarch butterfly migration that takes place each spring (and again in the fall). The Monarch may appear dainty and fragile but it is the only known butterfly to migrate twice per year – and as far as 3,000 miles each time. Get ready, South Carolina, because the migration has already begun and millions of Monarchs are on their way!

So pull out the lawn furniture and get ready for one of the best live nature shows of the year – right in your own yard!

Have you seen any Monarchs in South Carolina this spring? We’d love to hear all about it so join the discussion! And for another spectacular live nature show taking place this spring, read all about the annual hummingbird migration in South Carolina!