Duke’s Mayonnaise Was Invented At This Old, Charming Two-Story Ruin In South Carolina From The Early 1900s

If you’re a mayonnaise lover and you’re from South Carolina, then chances are good that you’re also brand loyal to Duke’s. But on the outside chance you aren’t already a fan of the nation’s number three brand of mayonnaise, then here’s a little background that may nudge you in that direction pretty quickly:

Duke’s Mayonnaise has been around for so long it’s practically synonymous with South Carolina. Read more about the history of South Carolina’s favorite sandwich spread on the official website for Duke’s Mayonnaise.

Did you know Duke’s was first mass-produced in what is now the Peace Center’s Wyche Pavilion? What’s your favorite mayo? Careful, if you don’t answer “Duke’s,” then everyone will know where you place your loyalties.

Address: 300 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601, USA