The 3-Story Antique Emporium In South Carolina That’s The Perfect Day Trip Shopping Destination

Who doesn’t love a good treasure-hunting road trip? Fortunately, in South Carolina there are a number of towns where you’ll find hidden riches passed on from someone else. One such place is located in a historic old building that used to house the most state-of-the-art communications system in the Lowcountry. Today, it’s home to The Caroline Collection, a three-story antique emporium brimming with incredible pieces.

South Carolinians love treasure hunting and The Caroline Collection is filled with treasures you’ll love. Whether you purchase anything – or not – a visit to this 3-story antique store in South Carolina makes for a fun mini road trip any time of year!

The Caroline Collection is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more from the official website!

Address: 4659 Carolina Highway, Denmark, SC, 29042

Take this mini treasure hunting road trip Thursday through Saturday and make it a point to venture up the street to check out this Amish bakery in Denmark!