These 10 Restaurants Serve The Best She Crab Soup In South Carolina

What better’s on a cool winter’s day than a nice hot bowl of She-Crab Soup?

“She” Crab Soup is named after its staple ingredient: the female crab. Traditional She-Crab soups have a hearty dose of crab “roe.” The good recipes, the kind that satisfy your tastebuds while simultaneously leaving you wanting more,  also include fresh Atlantic crab meat, onions, milk or heavy cream and a drizzle of sherry added just before serving. But even that is debatable – as South Carolina’s massive trove of talented chefs have managed to make this traditional Carolina soup even better than imaginable.

If the cooler weather has you craving some She-Crab Soup these 10 restaurants have some of the best in the state.

With so many more places to get a great bowl of She-Crab Soup, we’re sure this list just scratches the surface. Where do you go to get She-Crab Soup?

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