Footage Captured At This Abandoned South Carolina Hospital Is Truly Grim

In the early 1800s when the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum was built, the state was at the forefront of a new way of treating mental illness. The second of its kind in the states, this South Carolina hospital opened with the goal of not only treating patients who were deemed “insane,” but also curing them and sending them home. At the time, it was a radical “new” approach for an illness previously thought to be hopeless.

This may be one of the last public videos captured at the former insane asylum known as the South Carolina State Hospital. The 181-acre campus is getting a new life after so many years of abandonment. According to The State Newspaper, the insane asylum’s bakery has already reopened as a computer coding school and will soon have other tecnnology-oriented neighbors. They also reported recently that the University of South Carolina plans to build a Medical School on this property in the next few years, and finally, a 10-screen movie theatre will be opening here sometime in 2018.

In a way, the new life being infused into this Bull Street complex is a way of honoring all those people who passed through the lunatic asylum.

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