Visit These 5 Creepy Ghost Towns In South Carolina At Your Own Risk

For the ghost hunter, the brave, or the curiosity driven, ghost towns have long been the ultimate temptation. To brave a single house or building is one thing (and can be quite the experience! I’m not discounting it), but to brave an entire town that has been abandoned is quite another. South Carolina has quite  few towns in it’s history that have been considered ghost towns, but try finding one piece of them and you’ll be hunting another kind of ghost. Remains simply don’t exist. They are either taken down completely in most cases or they have been built on top of by newer flourishing towns or cities making them obsolete. Of those that are still “standing” there are few photographs and even less information. Here are 5 of them.

5. Ashwood, SC:

I have no pictures of this ghost town in South Carolina. However, I do have a video that I would like to link to (Ashwood, SC). What is known about the town of Ashwood is that it was part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, but whatever happened to the residents is another story…

Ghost hunting can be quite interesting if nothing else. You never know what you’ll find. However, a word of caution, these places may be privately owned. Please, be sure to check before you enter onto private property and always take a friend or two with you along with a cellphone. And, as an extra precaution, let someone know where you’re going. It never hurts.

If you have any other ghost town information, please let us know. Also, if you have a picture two please share them in the comments below!