These 15 Truths Explain Just How Small Rhode Island Really Is

Every Rhode Islander eventually has one of those unforgettable encounters… You’re speaking with an out of stater and you suddenly realize they haven’t the slightest idea of where Rhode Island is. You find yourself trying to explain that no, Rhode Island and Long Island are not the same place. Little Rhody is a state! It’s just not easy to find on the map, but it’s there, nestled between Massachusetts and Connecticut, and of course the sea. You suddenly realize that growing up in the Ocean State has offered you the chance to live a very unique life that few can possibly understand. For those that are familiar, but not from Rhode Island, you might even find yourself desperately trying to explain just how small the state really is! These 15 facts will help put the size of the nation’s smallest but most charming state into perspective.

Though Little Rhody might be small, it is definitely filled with amazing attractions, a gorgeous coastline, and charming locals. To learn more about the smallest state, click here.