Rhode Island is filled with history. From old textile mills to colonial homes, there are so many ways to appreciate what was once in the state. You may already know that the oldest tavern in the country is right here in Rhode Island. It just so happens that the oldest restaurant on wheels is also in Rhode Island. “The Original” Haven Brothers Diner in Providence is not only one of the oldest restaurants in the state, but one of the most unique restaurants in Rhode Island. Let’s take a look:

Have you visited “The Original” Haven Brothers Diner in Providence, one of the most unique restaurants in Rhode Island? If you have, let us know about your experience in the comments. To learn more about Haven Brothers Diner in Providence, visit the website or Facebook page.

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Unique Restaurants In Rhode Island

What are some other unique restaurants in Rhode Island?

Those of us who are lucky enough to live in the Ocean State have access to some of the best and most unique restaurants in the country. The White Horse Tavern in Newport not only serves incredible farm-to-table cuisine but it is the oldest restaurant in the country! The seasonal Rocky Point Clam Shack in Warwick is where you can get some of the best deep-fried seafood in the state. You can find more one-of-a-kind restaurants in our article, These seven unique restaurants in Rhode Island will give you an unforgettable dining experience. 

What are the oldest restaurants in Rhode Island?

As mentioned above, the White Horse Tavern is the oldest restaurant in the country, which also means it’s the oldest restaurant in the state. It dates all the way back to 1673. The Carriage Inn and Saloon in North Kingstown first opened its doors in 1760. 

What are some hidden gem restaurants in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island itself is a hidden gem for restaurants in this country. While people seem to think Boston, New York, Chicago, and other big cities are the best places for incredible restaurants, those of us from Rhode Island know better. And while excellent eateries can be found in every corner of the state, there are some lesser-known hidden gem restaurants that we should all try. Located in Warren, Amaral’s Fish and Chips is worth the drive for its fried seafood. North Restaurant in Providence only has a small neon sign outside a building that doesn’t look like much. But when you head inside, you’ll be able to have some incredibly fresh and flavorful seafood dishes. 

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