Few things in nature rival the spectacular beauty of a waterfall. The sunlight as it hits the rushing water at just the right angle. The falling water turns to ice in the middle of a cold winter. Such a breathtaking sight surely promises a memorable experience. But, sometimes getting to those waterfalls is simply impossible because of the terrain that must be hiked to get there. Not this time. Here are eight easy-access waterfalls in Pennsylvania that won’t require you to hike difficult and tiring terrain:

1. Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle

Simply park your car in the parking area of Ohiopyle State Park, near Kentuck Road, where you will get a spectacular overhead view of Cucumber Falls from the observation deck. If you want to get a view from the bottom, you’ll have to walk – and you can still wear your flip-flops or sandals – down stairs. Learn more about Cucumber Falls and Ohiopyle by visiting the Ohiopyle State Park website.

2. Springfield Falls, Mercer County

Springfield Falls in Mercer County poses one major challenge if you want to go to the base of the waterfall: a rough trek down a trail. However, you’ll get just as an amazing view from the top of the falls. Plan your trip by using this interactive map of Springfield Falls.

3. Bushkill Falls, Bushkill

Known as the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania, Bushkill Falls is relatively easy to reach. Simply follow the boardwalk and take the stairs to the falls, where you’ll be treated to a simply breathtaking view. Bushkill Falls, in fact, is home to eight waterfalls. You’ll also find plenty to do around the falls, including paddle boat rentals, miniature golf, fishing, and mining for gemstones. Bushkill Falls charges an admission fee. Plan your trip by checking out the Bushkill Falls website.

4. Dingmans Falls, Dingmans Ferry

Dingmans Falls welcomes all visitors with its handicap-accessible boardwalk, which makes it easy for those of all ages and abilities to journey to the waterfalls. The boardwalk features benches, so you can take a break if you want to, and handrails. Those who want to see Dingmans Falls from the top can climb somewhat challenging stairs. The Dingmans Falls Visitors Center provides plenty of information, including directions to the falls themselves, to make your visit perfect.

5. Fallingwater, Mill Run

Visit perhaps the most famous home architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed – Fallingwater – and you’ll also have the perfect view of the spectacular waterfall that runs directly under the home. Fallingwater offers daily tours. For tour hours, prices, and other information, visit the Fallingwater website.

6. Dry Run Falls, Hillsgrove Township

Head to Loyalsock State Forest in Hillsgrove to view the beautiful Dry Run Falls. The best thing about Dry Run Falls? You can simply drive through the park and get a spectacular view through your car windows. If you do prefer to get out, pack a picnic and watch the water cascade down as you enjoy lunch. Trekking to the base of the falls will require some effort as you’ll have to go down a steep trail. Learn more on the official website of Loyalsock State Forest.

7. Adams Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park

Twenty-two waterfalls dot Ricketts Glen State Park, the easiest of which to reach – and arguably the most spectacular – is Adam’s Falls. Just off Highway 118, you’ll come to Ricketts Glen State Park’s Evergreen parking lot where you can park and then take the short walk to the falls. If you want to see all of the park’s waterfalls, just follow Falls Trail. At just over seven miles, the challenging trail provides views of all of the park’s named waterfalls. Check out all that Ricketts Glen State Park has to offer.

8. Ohiopyle Falls, Ohiopyle

Get a sensational view of Ohiopyle Falls simply by getting out of your car and walking across the parking lot. If you stroll around the area, you’ll be able to see the falls from different views. Find everything you need to know to experience Ohiopyle Falls, including maps, by checking out the park website.

Are there any other easy-access waterfalls in Pennsylvania that you would recommend visiting? Let us know in the comments! If you’re a fan of waterfalls, you might just want to hit the highway on the ultimate waterfall road trip in Pennsylvania.

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easy access waterfalls in pennsylvania

What are the best waterfall hikes in Pennsylvania?

Identifying the best waterfall hikes in Pennsylvania really comes down to personal choice. However, PA’s home to some pretty amazing waterfalls and waterfall hikes, including:

  • Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park. The approximately seven-mile trail, which is considered challenging, boasts 21 named waterfalls.
  • If you prefer a short but sweet trail that leads to a cascading waterfall, follow the Shohola Falls Trail, which measures just .06 of a mile.
  • Double Run Nature Trail at Worlds End State Park
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What are the best outdoor adventures in Pennsylvania?

Outdoor adventure in Pennsylvania is really easy to find.

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  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton is another ideal spot for an outdoor adventure. While you can learn more about the sanctuary and the birds it seeks to protect indoors at the Visitors Center, you can also set off on a scenic hike outdoors. Choose from one of the seven trails that offer views of local wildlife, including bald eagles and osprey.


Does Pennsylvania have any natural wonders?

Pennsylvania is brimming with natural wonders. To see some of the most scenic places in Pennsylvania up close, set off on a road trip to the seven natural wonders of Pennsylvania. The road trip starts at Pine Creek Gorge, popularly known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, and leads to such gorgeous natural wonders as:

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