Shohola Falls Trail Might Be One Of The Most Beautiful Short-And-Sweet Hikes To Take In Pennsylvania

Sometimes we crave fresh air and a little bit of adventure, but we just don’t have much free time to get outdoors. Many of the short but sweet trails that dot the state are perfect if we don’t have a lot of time or if we simply prefer a laidback hike. Shohola Falls Trail in Pennsylvania is certainly short and sweet, and it boasts some jaw-dropping natural beauty.

Have you hiked Shohola Falls Trail in Pennsylvania? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! If you love waterfalls and are up for a bit of a challenge, hike Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park. It will take you to 21 waterfalls.

Address: Shohola Falls, Shohola Township, PA 18458, USA