5 Treehouses Near Pittsburgh You Won’t Believe

Many of us dreamed of having a treehouse when we were kids. Some were lucky enough to have one. The magic of a treehouse doesn’t really diminish as we grow older as is evidenced in these five amazing treehouses near Pittsburgh (one is a quite a bit further afield but well worth the drive) that you simply won’t believe.

5. The Castle Treehouse – Ligonier

Not a whole lot is known about The Castle Treehouse in Ligonier but it certainly is a sight to behold. (Click above for a tour courtesy of YouTube’s 28thMPretiree.) The plywood treehouse towers 36 feet above the ground and features a zipline and a picturesque spiral staircase.

Embrace the ambiance that treehouses naturally provide when you visit these five breathtaking treehouses near Pittsburgh.