This Creepy Asylum In Pennsylvania Is Still Standing… And Still Disturbing

It was once known colloquially as the “Shame of Pennsylvania”— the institution where thousands of mentally ill patients suffered abuse and neglect. The Pennhurst State School and Hospital has sat vacant since it was shut down in 1987, following a famous court case that set new precedents for U.S. laws regarding cruel and unusual punishment and treatment of mentally ill patients in hospitals.

Today, Pennhurst has a reputation as one of the most haunted places in the country. Whether or not this is true depends on whether you believe in ghosts; what is undeniable is that countless lives were needlessly lost and disrespected here.

Pennhurst is vacant much of the year, but during the Halloween season becomes a popular haunted attraction. This seems somewhat exploitive of the institution’s controversial past— a past that should be remembered with respect. The video below includes footage from the NBC documentary about Pennhurst.

Have you been here— or do you have stories of ancestors who once were at Pennhurst when it was still open?