Pennsylvanians are, admittedly, pretty spoiled. After all, our beautiful state features spectacular landscape and so many natural wonders that visiting them all on one road trip would keep you moving for quite a while. Get a firsthand view of some (only some) of our state’s most amazing natural wonders in Pennsylvania on this road trip across the state.

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1. Ringing Rocks County Park – Upper Black Eddy

Bring a hammer to your first stop. That’s because Ringing Rocks County Park features a nearly eight acre field of rocks that, well, make music. Gently hit the rocks to hear them chime like a bell. Skeptical? Click play on the video above to see for yourself. Although the ringing rocks are certainly the centerpiece of the 128-acre county park, save some time to hike the trails or to enjoy a picnic lunch. This Pennsylvania natural wonder is a must-see if you’re in the area.

2. Archbald Pothole Park – Archbald

We’ve all seen potholes. Heck, we’ve all, without a doubt, unexpectedly hit one. But, you’ve never really seen a pothole until you’ve see Archbald Pothole, in Archbald Pothole State Park, the world’s largest glacial pothole. Over 20,000 years old, the massive pothole drops 38 feet and is 42 feet by 42 feet at its widest point. A protective fence keeps visitors from getting too close. After visiting the pothole, consider hiking the park’s loop trail, where you’ll pass by an old coal mine and go through a forest. This is such a fun spot, one of the best natural wonders in Pennsylvania.

3. Seven Tubs Natural Area – Wilkes-Barre

Experience a tiny slice of paradise at Seven Tubs Natural Area, a beautiful series of tubs (well, glacial potholes filled with water) and natural water slides. Daredevils often zip down the natural water slides while the tubs themselves promise the ultimate way to cool down and to relax on a hot summer afternoon. Visit all seven tubs by following the two mile trail loop that will take you past waterfalls, a stone tunnel, and a quaint bridge. This is one of our favorites of Pennsylvania’s natural wonders.

4. Ricketts Glen State Park – Benton

Nature’s magic awaits at Ricketts Glen State Park, considered one of Pennsylvania’s most picturesque parks. Spend the day or camp out in a tent, in your RV, or in a rental cabin. The 22 waterfalls that decorate the park are, undoubtedly, the stars of the 13,000 acre park. But, you’ll also find a sandy beach, plenty of hiking trails, horse trails, and a lake that’s perfect for fishing. This magical spot definitely deserves a place on our Pennsylvania road trip!

5. Pine Creek Gorge – Watson Township


Enjoy a bird’s eye view of one of Pennsylvania’s most popular tourist spots. Pine Creek Gorge, commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, spans 50 miles and boasts a depth of more than 1,000 feet. Both Leonard Harrison State Park and Colton Point State park feature overlooks that provide sweeping views of the canyon. Don’t forget to get a glimpse of Pine Creek Gorge from the base of the canyon. Simply hike from the top or drive to the bottom and park at one of a number of parking spots. This is a great place to take in one of the best natural wonders in Pennsylvania.

6. Cherry Springs State Park – Coudersport

Go stargazing at Cherry Springs State Park, one of the darkest spots on the east coast. Flanked by the Susquehanna State Forest, Cherry Springs State Park spans a cozy 82 acres but the masterpiece of the park, of course, is the view of the nighttime sky. For the best stargazing experience, experts advise that it often takes 15 minutes for the naked eye to adjust to the dark and, if you bring a flashlight, point it downward when using it. This Pennsylvania natural wonder is perfect for a date night activity!

7. Coudersport Ice Mine – Coudersport

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Discover a natural phenomenon at Coudersport Ice Mine. One caveat, however: you must visit during the summer months. The water in the ice mine, once used as a communal refrigerator, turns to ice in the summer, providing views of stunning icicles, and melts in the winter. Protected by a fence, visitors can view the ice mine from various spots around the fence. After seeing the natural phenomenon, relax on the deck with a snack or buy souvenirs from the gift shop. This is one of the most unique of Pennsylvania’s natural wonders.

8. Kinzua Bridge State Park – Kane

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for one of the most amazing views of Kinzua Bridge State Park from high atop – 302 feet high – the Skywalk that once functioned as the Kinzua Bridge. Walk across the 600 foot Skywalk and stop right on the glass floor for a spectacular view of the park floor below. After your trip across the Skywalk, enjoy a hike through or a picnic in the park. The bridge offers stunning views on this Pennsylvania road trip!

9. Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park – Centre Hall

Climb aboard a motorboat. Sit back and relax as a guide leads you on a tour of Penn’s Cave. First discovered several centuries ago, Penn’s Cave boasts itself as the country’s only all water cavern. The boat tour of the cave generally takes between 45 and 50 minutes and, if the weather is acceptable, guests will enjoy a ride on Lake Nitanee. Penn’s Cave also features a wildlife tour, a maze, and gem mining for the kids. This cave tour is the perfect addition to our Pennsylvania road trip.

10. Dinosaur Rock – Elizabethtown

End this amazing natural wonders road trip through Pennsylvania by slipping back in time to the Jurassic era. In Elizabethtown towers a stunning natural wonder in the shape of a dinosaur. The boulders of the dinosaur stand 15 feet higher than the woods flanking it. Unfortunately, this aging natural wonder now has the tag of potentially endangered status due to those who spray graffiti on the boulders. A stop at Dinosaur Rock is certainly worth your time but, as with other natural wonders in Pennsylvania, please leave the rock as you found it and take only pictures out of the area with you. 

Ready to road trip to see the natural wonders in Pennsylvania? Visiting some of the state’s natural wonders is only one amazing way to see all that Pennsylvania has to offer. Have you hit these sites? Let us know in the comments below!

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