Full Of Whimsy And Mystery, The Pennsylvania UFO Festival Is One Out-Of-This-World Event You Can’t Miss

Back on a cold December evening in 1965, something happened that would change the small Western Pennsylvania town of Kecksburg forever. Countless people across the state – and the United States – tell of seeing a streak of light bolt across the sky. Nobody knew what it was, even after it landed in a field in Kecksburg. Locals claim it was a spaceship. Whatever it was, the U.S. Army spirited it away, and a legend was born.

Fast forward more than 20 years when, in 1990, Robert Stack and the crew of Unsolved Mysteries rolled into town to film an episode about that mysterious crash of a UFO long ago. To tell the story, the show created a replica spaceship that looked just like an acorn. You can see the popular “space acorn” in town.

Today, townspeople celebrate the legend with this Pennsylvania UFO Festival.

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Address: Kecksburg, PA 15666, USA