Sit back. It’s one of those days where you would love to just run away to a deserted island or jump in the car and drive with no plan in mind. Now imagine a bus – destination unknown – that brings downtrodden passengers closer to those who share in their hopelessness. This Pennsylvania urban legend tells the story of dejected souls on a bus to nowhere.

Have you heard of this Pennsylvania urban legend? Or, perhaps you’ve taken a ride on this mysterious bus to nowhere? Have you heard of these Pennsylvania urban legends?

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Mysteries In Pennsylvania

Are there any other urban legends in Pennsylvania?

The bus to nowhere, although chilling, isn’t the only urban legend in Pennsylvania that is sure to stir emotions. Here are several other urban legends in Pennsylvania:

  • Blue Mist Road in Irwin is said to be haunted by a half-dog, half-deer, half-human.
  • Fairies are said to dance at Wildwood Cemetery in Williamsburg at night, but some also hear the sounds of residents banging to get out of their coffins once the sun goes down.
  • A green man is said to wander a tunnel in Pittsburgh.

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Are there any unsolved mysteries in Pennsylvania?

Chances are you’ve heard of a few unsolved mysteries in Pennsylvania, including these:

Here are several more unsolved mysteries in Pennsylvania.