15 Reasons To Love Oregon, The Most Underrated State In The Country

How do we love thee, Oregon? Let us count the ways! From its stunning natural wonders to incredible cuisine (and everything in between!), we truly believe Oregon is the best — and most underrated — place to live in the entire country! This isn’t hyperbole; it’s facts! Here are 15 reasons to love Oregon:

So… are you moving to Oregon yet? Did these 15 reasons to love Oregon convince you that The Beaver State truly is the best place to live? What do you love most about Oregon? Share it with us in the comments below! And for more swoon-worthy reasons to love Oregon, be sure to check out these stunning natural wonders.

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Reasons To Love Oregon

February 12, 2021

What’s the biggest farmer’s market in Oregon?

Farmers markets definitely made the above list of reasons to love Oregon, and we have the evidence to substantiate such a bold claim! Portland Farmer’s Market is the biggest in the state; its markets run all week long and connect more than 200 Oregon farmers, artisans, nurseries, cheese makers, meat markets, and specialty food producers with shoppers and businesses in the area. For more farmers markets in Oregon, be sure to check out these eight markets in Portland.

What’s the weather like in Oregon?

Oregon is part of the Pacific Northwest — which, if you’ve been, means moderate temperatures, wet conditions along the coast, and drier conditions inside the state (the interior of the state is also subject to greater temperature extremes). Don’t believe everything you’ve read about the PNW, however — it does not rain all the time! As we mentioned above, Bend is sunny 300 days a year. Oregon is a stunning place where you can really be outside all year long — you just need to have the right gear, a little gumption, and a sense of adventure!

Does Oregon have any natural wonders?

The Beaver State is full of natural wonders — it’s one of the best reasons to love Oregon! From its lush, vibrant green forests to its shimmering, sweeping coast, to its richly-hued deserts, and majestic mountains… Oregon is absolutely, totally, stunning. Here are nine of the very best natural wonders in Oregon!

Address: Oregon, USA