This One Epic 1-Mile Hike In Oregon Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable


One of the most incredible hidden gems in Oregon is tucked away in the Columbia River Gorge. This amazing 1-mile hike will lead you through a breathtaking moss-covered canyon all the way to a majestic, secluded Oneonta Falls.

The Oneonta Gorge Hike will take you on an epic, unforgettable adventure. You’ll walk along a creek, scramble over fallen logs, and wade through a crystal clear stream before reaching the gorgeous waterfall at the end. All along the way, the mossy green scenery is absolutely jaw-dropping.

To get to the entrance of the gorge, take exit 28 on the 1-84 and follow the Historic Highway a little more than 5 miles to the trailhead, where you’ll find a small parking lot.

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