This Unique Food Truck In Astoria, Oregon Will Satisfy Your Every Tater Tot Craving

Here in Oregon, we have quite a fondness for tater tots. We should, as these perfect little potato puffs were invented right here in The Beaver State. Ontario, Oregon, is the birthplace of the humble tater tot, and this ingenious invention has inspired many. But the superlative superstar of the Oregon tot fan club has to be On Tot, a food truck based in Astoria that specializes in all things tater tots.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity — they put delicious food, on tots. And really, what could be better? Follow On Tots on Facebook to track their tot truck in Astoria.

And for more crave-worthy fare in The Beaver State, definitely check out the tavern-style ‘zas at Jerry’s Pizza.

Address: 1343 Duane St, Astoria, OR 97103, USA