Most People Have No Idea This Ghost Town In Oregon Even Exists

While the Oregon Coast, Portland, and Central Oregon tend to steal the spotlight, Eastern Oregon can be a bit of a No Man’s Land. In this part of the state, mountains and valleys seem to go on endlessly, with remnants of the Gold Rush found in many abandoned mines and ghost towns. Sumpter, Oregon is one of these places. Home to just 245 residents, this ghost town in Eastern Oregon is the kind of place where you can see tumbleweeds slowly moving through the quiet downtown, but what does remain — a historic railroad, bed and breakfast, and massive mining monolith — is well-worth making the trip to discover.

Have you visited Sumpter before? Did you know about this beguiling little ghost town in Eastern Oregon? It really is a place worth discovering!

Address: Sumpter, OR 97877, USA