Why Everyone In Oklahoma Should Visit This One Tiny Town

Nestled in the Wichita Mountains in southwestern Oklahoma is the vintage cobblestone resort town, Medicine Park. Step back in time as you stroll the quaint Cobblestone Row filled with shopping, history and small town America.  It is surrounded by natural beauty on all sides, water running right through it and the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge right next to it.  You can enjoy a day trip or weekend trip of breathtaking scenery, fishing, swimming, hiking, shopping, bike riding or just relaxing. This historic resort town in Oklahoma was a finalist for “Americas Coolest Small Town” by Budget Travel Magazine; these are just some of the reasons it may have made the cut:


Have you ever spent time in Medicine Park?  What was favorite thing about it?  What other small towns are a must-visit in Oklahoma? Please share in the comments below.