Oklahoma is one of those places that are wonderful for outdoorsy folks; there’s so much to do and see that it can be tough to decide what to do in the first place. In the spring, this is enhanced – after all, once the bitter chill of winter has subsided and the warmer days begin creeping in, it feels like the whole world is fresh and new, and what better way to enjoy it all than by getting out and about this season? We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of all the best things to do in Oklahoma in spring, from flower blooms to picnic spots and everything in between. Come out and explore the Sooner State this spring – you won’t regret a moment of it.

Flower Blooms In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is beautiful year-round, with seemingly endless skies and prairies that stretch endlessly into the horizon. In the spring, though, it’s particularly wonderful, as you can find all sorts of jaw-dropping spring flower blooms across the Sooner State. It can be tough to decide which ones to visit (though we recommend visiting them all), so we’ve chosen a few of the best flower blooms in Oklahoma to experience this spring. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know!

Botanical Gardens In Oklahoma

Did you know that Oklahoma is home to numerous arboretums and botanical gardens? It’s true, and spring is probably the best time of year to visit them. As spring approaches, buds and blooms appear en masse, and the trees come screaming back to life following a months-long slumber. The best place to witness all of this, of course, is at any one (or all) of our amazing gardens and/or arboretums. Here are a few of the best botanical gardens in Oklahoma to visit in the spring:

Parks To Visit In Oklahoma This Spring

Did you know that, as of the time of this writing, Oklahoma has 32 incredible state parks to pick from? It’s true! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them at this time of year thanks to all the emerging flora and fauna; there’s always something amazing happening at Oklahoma’s parks, be they state or city parks, and spring might just be the best possible time to come out and enjoy it all. Visit some of the best parks in Oklahoma this spring and take it all in – you deserve it!

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Spring Hikes In Oklahoma

Hiking in Oklahoma is absolutely awesome for so many reasons. The Sooner State is home to hundreds of miles of trails weaving all over the place, from our parks to our towns and everywhere in between. Some hiking trails are particularly incredible during spring, as wildflowers blossom and wildlife begins stirring. First, you’ll notice the wild birds return – and from there, everything is roses (or, you know, whatever other flowers you can find). Some of our favorite spring hikes in Oklahoma are hikes like:

Spring Picnic Spots In Oklahoma

When was the last time you had a picnic – seriously? It’s almost like the art of the picnic is a rapidly dying art as we see less and less of it happening these days. And that’s a bummer, because spring in Oklahoma is typically beautiful and we know all the best spring picnic spots in Oklahoma. So pack your lunch (make sure it’s safe!) and head outdoors – we’ve found a couple of the downright greatest picnic spots in Oklahoma to enjoy this spring.

…and as a bonus item, we can’t end this amazing list of Oklahoma spring activities without mentioning the incredible annual tradition known as the Festival of the Arts in downtown OKC. This is easily one of, if not THE best spring festivals in Oklahoma, and it’s a must-do for natives, visitors, and everyone in between. From the live music to the Mexican, Italian and other cuisines and the more than 100 amazing artists serving as vendors, you can’t miss this one awesome celebration of all things spring in Oklahoma.


So, what do you think? If you’re anything like us (and we suspect you are – you’re here, after all), chances are you’ve already written all your favorite ideas down and are actively planning to do them. Good! Oklahoma is an amazing place that’s incredibly underrated if you ask us, and springtime is by far the best season to come check it out. From hiking trails to biking trails, swimming holes, lakes, ponds, state parks, town parks, and more – you just can’t go wrong by going outside, especially in the Sooner State.

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