We all know Oklahoma is filled with fresh water⁠—lakes, rivers, and streams add a particular vibrancy to the landscape almost everywhere the eye falls⁠. However, you may have a preconceived notion that this water is not always the cleanest. This attitude can give you the heebie jeebies about seeking out the best swimming holes in Oklahoma, but you don’t have to search far to find a pristine swimming spot. Prepare to visit a creek in Oklahoma that boasts some of the clearest, most pristine water in the region.This creek starts in Delaware County and flows southwest about 34 miles through Cherokee, Delaware and Mayes Counties. Spring Creek is listed as high quality water (only five bodies of water in the state have this high quality) and is found to be clear of harmful levels of pollution. It runs through private and public land and be accessed at several spots along the banks.

Editor’s Note: Please be cautious of private property signs and trespassing. 

Have you ever visited this beautiful creek? Here are more swimming areas in Oklahoma that will delight locals and visitors alike.

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Best Swimming Holes in Oklahoma

Where is the bluest water in Oklahoma?
No matter the season, the Blue Hole in Salina remains around 56 degrees. It has long been coveted by locals for its clean banks, family-friendly atmosphere, and famously blue water. The crystalline water comes from Saline Creek, and it creates both a beautiful landscape and one of the best swimming holes in Oklahoma.

Does Oklahoma have any man-made swimming holes?
As you likely know, Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state. With over 200 lakes created by dams, it’s highly likely that most of the swimming lakes in Oklahoma you may encounter were created by the influence of mankind.

Do I need to look out for algae blooms in Oklahoma?
An algal bloom, while beautiful when seen from above, can have a harmful impact on the environment. Blue-green algae (BGA) can be found in lakes and oceans alike, and it can secrete toxins that can cause illness in humans. As blooms can occur almost anywhere regardless of human activity, the Oklahoma State Department of Health recommends avoiding water that is discolored or that appears to have film or foam on its surface.

What are the best beaches in Oklahoma?
Oklahoma has a multitude of lovely swimming spots, though it does not have traditional beaches in the sense that the state is landlocked and a decent distance from the ocean. However, Foss State Park has a sandy beach that locals and tourists alike can’t get enough of.

Do any Oklahoma beaches have waves?
Absolutely! Local waves, however, are not always those iconic plunging waves that surfers on the open ocean so cherish. Around here, we have smaller waves that are ideal for wakesurfing. This sport allows participants to travel at around 10 miles per hour, a notable contrast to the more impressive speeds that surfers gain on large saltwater waves.

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