This Beautiful Fresh Water Swimming Hole In Oklahoma Is The Best Place To Spend A Summer’s Day

It feels like summer has officially arrived even though we technically still have a few weeks to go. The weather is starting to get hot and muggy, pools are filling up with kids, and the mosquitoes are starting to be quite bothersome. At least our June weather isn’t projected to break any records, in fact it looks like this month is going to be a little cooler than normal — but when those hot days hit and you’re looking for a great swimming hole, check out Pawnee Bathhouse — a 2-acre freshwater swimming spot that’s the perfect place to spend a summer’s day.

This place really is a fun spot to enjoy on a hot summer day! Visit their website here for more details.

There’s a little unassuming burger joint in Pawnee that serves quality burgers and has raving online reviews. Some say these burgers are the best in the state, so we recommend you stop in before or after your swimming experience and try them for yourself.