These 13 Fascinating Photos Of Oklahoma’s Past Are Eye-Catching

It’s incredible that we can look back at old photographs and see what life was like decades, even centuries ago. Thanks, in part, to the Oklahoma Historical Society, there are thousands of old photos that have been preserved to share the history and culture of the Sooner State and its land before statehood. Keep scrolling to view 13 photos of Oklahoma’s past that are eye-catching and entertaining.

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In 1901 a huge gusher was discovered near Tulsa making it the “Oil Capital of the World.” The Sooner State quickly became famous worldwide for its “black gold” and was the top U.S. oil producer (along with California) until 1930. The oil industry changed Oklahoma by creating jobs and wealth for many, but it didn’t come without a price. Many lives were lost from fires, accidents and a host of other problems that came from the industry.

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