Never Mispronounce These 12 Town Names In Front Of An Oklahoman

If you’re not from around here, there may be some local vocabulary you need to familiarize yourself with (unless you want the wrath of angry Oklahomans). Many of our town names, rivers and lakes get mispronounced, and if you haven’t already found out, will get an Okie all riled up. Here are 12 words to never mispronounce in front of an Oklahoman.

Take a look at this humorous video of Californians trying to pronounce our city names in Oklahoma:

What pronunciation gives you the most trouble? I always had trouble with Miami when I first moved to Oklahoma.

It’s usually easy to spot a tourist in Oklahoma if they are butchering our town names, but there are a few other ways to spot them. Click here to find out more.