The Incredible Oklahoma Restaurant That’s Way Out In The Boonies But So Worth The Drive

It seems like the new craze these days is eating at farm-to-table restaurants where the food is sourced locally. Most food travels over 1500 miles before it reaches the restaurants, which means it really isn’t that fresh. Consumers are wanting better quality food while dining out, and one of the best ways to get it is finding a restaurant that’s eco-friendly.

Living Kitchen Farm and Dairy in Depew took the farm-to-table concept one step further and became ‘farm table’ where the farm and restaurant co-exist together. Their restaurant is located right on the farm and is only open on select nights and by reservation only. The food is incredible, the setting is peaceful and the experience is unlike any other. Take a look at this incredible restaurant that’s way out in the boonies but so worth the drive.

For more information about Living Kitchen and Dair Farm, watch the video below:

Living Kitchen and Dairy Farm:

25198 South 481st West Avenue,

Depew, OK 74028

To book your reservations, click here.

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