The Fried Onion Burger Was Invented Here In Oklahoma, And You Can Grab One From Tucker’s Onion Burgers

Oklahoma is famous for many things, one of which is the mouthwatering fried onion burger. This specialty burger was invented at Hamburger Inn in Ardmore in the 1920s during the Great Depression when meat was expensive and onions were cheap. The onions were mixed into the meat, caramelized, and crisped to help make the meat go further but little did they know that that penny pitcher idea would create a flavor that would have people falling in love with this creation. Today, you can find this delectable burger at several burger joints across the state, one of which is at Tucker’s Onion Burgers.

For more information about Tucker’s Onion Burgers, check out their website.

One of the first restaurants to start serving onion burgers in Oklahoma was Sid’s Diner. They still serve one of the best in the state and we highly recommend you try them out. It’s a small place, only fitting a few diners but the burgers are outrageously delicious.

Address: Tucker's Onion Burgers, 324 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, USA
Address: Tucker's Onion Burgers, 5740 N Classen Blvd #3, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, USA
Address: Tucker's Onion Burgers, 15001 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, USA
Address: Tucker's Onion Burgers, 2166 24th Ave NW, Norman, OK 73069, USA