You’ll Never Forget Your Stay At The Most Haunted Hotel In Oklahoma

There’s one thing guests want when they stay overnight at a hotel…a peaceful night’s sleep void of anything haunted. But is that what guests get at one of Oklahoma’s most upscale hotels? Not according to some NBA players and many other overnight guests. The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City is rumored to be haunted with the ghost of a past maid named Effie. Effie was said to have had an affair with the owner of the hotel, who then locked her up on the top floor to hide the scandalous situation. She ended up going crazy and jumped to her death with her baby in hand. Effie is now said to haunt the guests by either propositioning men, making noises, moving objects or watching guests as they sleep.

Back in 2010, Eddy Curry, who then played for the New York Knicks, said he had to stay the night in a teammates room because of the ghost. The team attributed their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on the ghost because of the lack of sleep the team got the night before the game.

For grown men to admit they were scared by ghosts, either means they were looking for an excuse for their loss to the Thunder or there really is merit to these hauntings.

Have you ever stayed the night at the Skirvin Hotel? If so, do you believe it is haunted?

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