9 Must-Visit Flea Markets In Oklahoma Where You’ll Find Awesome Stuff

Are you a fan of HGTV’s Flea Market Flip and looking for flea markets in Oklahoma to find some of your own treasures? You won’t believe the hidden gems that you’ll find at these unique flea markets. So, get those walking shoes on and get ready to scour these booths and tents at the Sooner State’s finest:

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There are many more flea markets across the state that do not have an internet presence!  Please feel free to mention them in the comments – we love to hear from you!

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Flea Markets in Oklahoma

August 31, 2021

Where are the best places to go thrifting in Oklahoma? 

Don’t count Oklahoma out when it comes to awesome thrifting, because if you know where to go, you can find some of the best deals in the world (well, at least we think so). Among the most-loved thrift shops around the state, you’ll find gems like Second Chances Thrift Store, in Oklahoma City, where you’ll find some of the best secondhand treasures ever. It’s unique and it’s local, which is even better. Nearby Tinker Air Force Base is a wonderful little hole in the wall known as, simply, Tinker Thrift Shop… and it has some of the highest ratings of any thrift shop in the Sooner State. While in OKC, you’ll also want to check out Rock Bottom Thrift, an amazing little shop often referred to as being among the best of the best. Seriously, if you know where to go, your thrifting in Oklahoma will be just as epic as it would be in somewhere like Los Angeles.  

Where can I go shopping in Oklahoma?  

Oklahoma is home to all kinds of great hubs for shoppers. In the larger cities like Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Tulsa, you’ll find shopping malls and tons of boutique shops in the downtown areas. You’ll also find awesome local thrift shops all over the state, though, of course, your highest odds of finding lots of them in a limited area is still going to be within the big cities. We love shopping local, of course, so we encourage our readers to poke around and find those little mom-and-pop stores that you won’t find anywhere else; most of the time, you’ll find at least a small handful in the downtown areas of the smaller towns. As a bonus, you’ll also find plenty of art for sale at numerous galleries around the state, and we strongly encourage readers to purchase from local artists as well.  

What are the best Oklahoma flea markets? 

Okies are no strangers to a darned-good flea market! Some of our top favorites include local classics like the Old Chicken Farm, in Jones, where you can find all sorts of eclectic and unique treasures. In Tulsa, you can find wonderful places like Swick’s Flea Market and the old Tulsa Flea Market, both of which are, more often than not, a complete blast to attend. In Oklahoma City, you’ll find the artsy and modern Industry Flea to be an interesting twist on the old classic bargain-hunters’ paradise. For a more complete list of the best Oklahoma flea markets to go browse ASAP, take a look at this article.