This Quaint Little Trail Is The Shortest And Sweetest Hike In Ohio

If you’ve taken any amount of time to explore in Ohio nature, then you know there are hidden gems tucked away all throughout the state.

There are some trails, however, that don’t require a whole lot of time to get to the special, serene spots that we all love to photograph and linger in. (For some must-hike trails in Ohio, click here.) The short trek to Cascade Falls in Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park is one of those short, sweet and special trails. The next time you’re in the northeast Ohio area and you need a quick break in nature, this quaint trail is one you’ll want to check out.

Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park is located at 12440 OH-282, Garrettsville, OH 44231. Have you ever been to this park before? If so, share your photos and stories with us! We want to know what your experience was like.

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