There’s A Secret Waterfall In Ohio Known As Corkscrew Falls, And It’s Worth Seeking Out

If you’ve ever heard of an elusive “Corkscrew Falls” hiding in the Hocking Hills region of southeastern Ohio, you should know that it does in fact exist — but it goes by a different name and it’s only accessible after you’ve obtained a permit. Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve is home to this wondrous, hidden waterfall that once existed on private property, tucked away from the public eye. So before you Google “secret waterfalls near me in Ohio,” read on to learn more about a stunning natural wonder hiding in the Buckeye State that you’ll absolutely want to go explore.

Have you ever been to Bock Hollow Nature Preserve before? Did you know there was a hidden waterfall here? Have you seen Corkscrew Falls before? Share your photos and experiences with us!

Are you still wondering “What are some amazing waterfalls near me in Ohio?” It’s understandable! For more gorgeous (and easily accessible) waterfalls in Ohio, check out our previous article: 9 Unbelievable Ohio Waterfalls Hiding In Plain Sight… No Hiking Required.

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Waterfalls near me in Ohio

August 04, 2021

How can I find some more waterfalls near me in Ohio?

Skip the Google search; instead, head over to Only In Ohio, where we have a near-endless list of waterfall hikes, accessible waterfall overlooks, secret waterfalls, waterfall road trips, and even waterfall cottages! Seriously — we are nothing if not a bunch of waterfall chasers here at Only In Ohio, and we’ve got the 411 on *all* the waterfalls that you can find across the Buckeye State!

Are there many waterfall hikes in Ohio?

Yes! Given the abundance of beautiful cascades in the Buckeye State, it stands to follow that there is also an abundance of waterfall hikes here. Happily, many of these trails are perfect for all skill levels, so anyone can go out and enjoy Ohio’s glorious falls. One of our favorite accessible waterfall hikes in Ohio is found in Hocking Hills State Park. Several beautiful waterfalls can be found along the Old Man’s Cave trail within the Hocking Hills State Park. This impressive hiking spot is stunning all year-round, but the falls are best seen after a notable rainfall. For more wonderful things to do in Hocking Hills, check out this article.

What are some fun things to do in Ohio?

The sky is the limit when it comes to fun things to do in Ohio… quite literally! Ohio is home to some of the best amusement parks, water parks, attractions, and towns, all of which make for fun adventures in the Buckeye State. Where to begin? We recommend bookmarking this article: The Definitive Guide To Uncovering Ohio’s Best Attractions — Small Towns, Gorgeous Parks, Museums, And More! Check it out, and go enjoy an adventure in the Buckeye State!


Address: 7000 Beach Camp Rd, Logan, OH 43138, USA