An Abandoned Castle Awaits Along The Loop Trail At North Chagrin Reservation In Ohio

Most people don’t realize just how many castles are hiding in Ohio. From gorgeous inns to historic structures that were never fully completed, each one has its own unique story to tell.

There’s nothing quite like an Ohio castle hike when you want to go on a real life adventure that’s unexpected—but also doable. Squire’s Castle at North Chagrin Reservation in Willoughby, Ohio is a lovely little hidden gem you’ll want to explore if you haven’t already. This unfinished castle has an interesting history and is easy for hikers and bikers to access. Take the loop trail for a picture perfect summer afternoon or autumn day hike. Check it out:

Did you know about this trail and have you been on this Ohio castle hike? (You can find the trailhead at 2794 River Rd., Willoughby 44094.) If you’ve ever explored this castle before, we want to know what your experience was like!

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Address: 2794 River Rd., Willoughby 44094

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Ohio Castle Hike

December 20, 2019

Are there any other abandoned castles in Ohio?

Currently, there are no other abandoned castles in Ohio, although there are several abandoned places in Ohio you can explore. Franklin’s Castle in Cleveland, Ohio was once abandoned but is now privately owned and in the process of restoration. It’s also rumored to be haunted, much like Squire’s Castle. To read more about the unique history and alleged hauntings behind Franklin’s Castle, check out our previous article: This Ohio House Is Among The Most Haunted Places In The Nation.

Are there any other castles in Ohio you can hike to?

Although there are several castles in Ohio, the only castle you can hike to is Squire’s Castle. There are multiple castles you can stay overnight in, such as Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth and Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville. You can also tour some castles in Ohio, such as The Château Laroche in Loveland and The Piatt Castles in West Liberty. To read about other castles in Ohio and how you can explore them, check out our previous article: Visit 11 Majestic Castles That Are Hidden Throughout Ohio.

What other hikes in Ohio lead to abandoned places?

There are multiple Ohio hikes to abandoned places that are hiding in unexpected places. You can hike to the abandoned Moonville Tunnel via the Moonville Rail Trail in McArthur, Ohio. You can hike to the abandoned Cherry Valley Iron Works coke ovens at Leetonia Beehive Coke Ovens Park. You can even hike to some abandoned railroad tracks via The Valley Trail at Ault Park in Cincinnati. There are very few abandoned towns left in Ohio. Mineral and Moonville are arguably the most accessible. Other abandoned towns in Ohio that are more difficult to explore include Cheshire, Boston Mills (also known as “Hell Town”) and Carpenter’s Mill. 

Address: 2794 River Rd., Willoughby 44094

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.