These 15 Bugs Found In Ohio Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

You might be surprised to know that Ohio is home to nearly 300 insects, arachnids and other creepy crawlers–and if you’re like me, you’re definitely not OK with the fact that perhaps the biggest bug in Ohio is a spider that can grow beyond the size of an adult’s palm. The following weird bugs in Ohio are sure to send shivers down your spine. (Meaning, I will be indoors more than I planned to be from now on.)

Have you ever encountered any of these bugs in Ohio? If so, share your experiences and photos with us. (Also, know that you are a truly brave soul to have walked away from the encounter alive, and you have my utmost respect.)

On a slightly less creepy note, if you know of any places in the Buckeye State where you can see beautiful wildlife up close (AKA not weird Ohio bugs), nominate them for a chance to see them featured in an upcoming article!

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Weird Bugs In Ohio & Related Info

January 06, 2023

Aside from weird bugs in Ohio, what types of wildlife does the Buckeye State have?

With four distinct habitats - forests, prairies, wetlands, and Great Lakes - Ohio is home to a wide variety of animals. Some of the wildlife found in Ohio includes:

  • Mammals - white-tailed deer, bobcats, coyotes, black bears, etc.
  • Amphibians - the American bullfrog and more
  • Reptiles - snakes, snapping turtles, etc.
  • Birds - the Mourning dove and more
  • Insects - cockroaches, etc.

All of the above animals are native to Ohio. The Buckeye State also has many non-native animals in zoos, safari parks, etc., as well as invasive species.

Where are the best places to see wildlife up close in Ohio?

The best places to see wildlife up close in Ohio include:

Open since 1927, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium spans nearly 600 acres and houses over 7,000 animals.

Located in the small town of Yellow Springs, Young's Jersey Dairy offers ice cream, a farm animal petting zoo, and other family-friendly attractions.

This unique safari park has both walking and drive-thru portions, and visitors can feed many of the exotic animals.

Sponsored by the Cincinnati Zoo, Horsefeathers Farm is dedicated to preserving wallabies, which are an endangered species.

You'll see everything from deer to lions, tigers, and bears at this animal sanctuary.

The only pig farm brewery in Ohio, this 90-acre destination features traditional German lagers and plenty of adorable wooly pigs.