These 11 Cleveland-Area Eateries Serve Up The Best Burgers You’ve Ever Tasted

Ah, the burger. An American classic, this dish has a fairly simple recipe to follow that makes it difficult to have a bad burger. However, when you have an amazing burger, your taste buds know it instantly. It’s juicy, rich, and flavorful, and upon that flavorful first bite more than just your sense of taste is impacted. Your eyes sparkle, your lips curl up into a smile, and your grip on the bun involuntarily tightens. We’ve all had that experience once or twice, but at these Greater Cleveland diners, such an experience is the norm. Prepare your taste buds, because amazing flavor is only a short drive away.

With incredible ambiance, friendly patrons, and some of the yummiest burgers on earth, Cleveland is a great place to be. Where is your favorite area eatery to bite into a burger?

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