9 Photos Highlighting The Years That The Cleveland Indians Won The World Series

The Cleveland Indians are a source of local pride. They’ve had their ups and downs over the years, but their most memorable moments came when the Cleveland Indians won the World Series. This happened twice; once in 1920 and once in 1948. The 1920 game, in particular, made history. It featured the first Grand Slam in World Series history, the first World Series home run by a pitcher, and the second unassisted triple play in Major League Baseball history. Both World Series, however, left Clevelanders brimming with pride. Check out these flashbacks of our favorite team:

The Cleveland Indians won the World Series only twice, but locals continue to display pride for their favorite team to this very day. Do you remember your first Cleveland Indians game? Tell us about in the comments, or tell us about your most memorable Cleveland sports game ever.

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