8 Treehouses Near Cleveland You Won’t Believe

Something about treehouses brings out the adventurer in all of us. Nearly every child considers at some point what it would be like to have a treehouse or a clubhouse that’s all their own… and that piece of us continues to thrive, it seems, even when our childhood has faded to an inner child as an adult. Fortunately, we can continue to enjoy many childhood pleasures throughout their adult life – arcades of yesteryear have come back in fashion, candy stores have grown bigger and better than ever, and visits to antique stores allow for adventurous treasure hunts well past adolescence. Treehouses have also become an “in” thing for adults to enjoy, and Clevelanders can’t help but adore these eight close-to-home treehouses.

There’s something downright whimsical about treehouses, and they’re perfect for a romantic getaway or a family retreat. Which of these gorgeous getaways would you most like to stay in?

Are you a fan of unique outdoor experiences? If you enjoyed these tree houses, you’ll surely adore this secluded glampground near Cleveland.